Sunday, January 6, 2008

My eBay store is live!

Well, I've at least gotten one of my 2008 goals underway - I started my eBay store listing. So far, all I have up is my book, A Spiderweb for Luck: Symbols & Motifs used in Crazy Quilting. Take a look!

I have a ton of things that I need to sell, and having received a lovely new digital camera for Christmas, I can take excellent detail shots and get them listed.

My theme for this year is definitely about clearing out. Things. Ideas. Getting rid of what I don't need in order to make room for growth, and being able to concentrate on what matters to me.

I still have two writing projects underway, that have been waiting patiently for my attention. A second edition of Spiderweb, and an historical fiction project that I keep dreaming about.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Is it fall already?

I can't believe I haven't written anything here in months! Life has been moving along at breakneck pace, and I wish I could just stop for a couple of days to catch my breath. But the weather has finally changed and the days are wonderfully sunny and crisp. I love this time of year in the Finger Lakes - and I hope to meet some people to share it with...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Save Internet Music

Greetings, all! I spend a good bit of most of my days working away on computer, and often I like to listen to music while I am working. When I'm stitching I REALLY like to listen to music! Streaming music on the Internet has been wonderful - I can find music to suit my mood, and often I hear muscians that are emerging as artists that don't get air time on regular mainstream radio. But recently, in a knee jerk reaction, the Copyright Royalty Board has proposed to increase royalty rates from 300 to 1200 percent!

As an author and as a musician, I certainly support the protections offered under copyright law, and believe in the paying of reasonable royalties for the use of copyrighted works. But what has been proposed in not reasonable.

Please consider sending a letter to your Congressional representatives and signing the petition by visiting